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Vivint.SmartHome™ Automation

“Instead of piecemeal gadgets and apps, Vivint streamlines home automation with a comprehensive system.”

vivint sky control panel

SkyControl Panel

Communication and control in one place

Vivint SkyControl Panel is the hub that moderates communications between you and all your home automation products. An intuitive touch-screen dashboard puts all your home controls in one place, while the two-way talk feature links you directly to Vivint Smart Home security monitoring teams.             vivint sky control panel

Amazon Echo

Take control with the sound of your voice

Amazon Echo keeps you in control of your Vivint Smart Home automation system even when you let go of the reins. With Echo, your busy hands don’t need to reach for your phone. Just ask Alexa to adjust thermostats, lighting, appliances, or security systems on the fly.

amazon echo vivint

Amazon Echo Vivint
vivint element thermostat

Element Thermostat

Blend comfort and savings

Vivint Element Thermostat blends comfort and savings into your home. Supported by Vivint Smart Home Cloud, Element learns to auto-adjust to your preferred settings when you’re home, then readjusts to conserve energy when you leave. Control never felt so good.

Vivint Ping Camera

Sight and sound with just a touch

Vivint Ping Security Camera is the first indoor camera with true two-way communication. The one-touch callout button gives your family a direct line to your smartphone while your Vivint Smart Home mobile app lets you check in with your family or monitor an empty house while you’re away.

vivint ping camera
vivint smart lock

Kwikset Smart Locks

Hospitality shouldn’t leave you vulnerable

Kwikset Smart Locks give you mobile notifications whenever a door opens. You can set and share custom passcodes for keyless entry allowing guests to move about freely. Plus, you can always control your locks on the Vivint Smart Home app.

Vivint Smart Home app

Mobile control from anywhere, anytime

The highly acclaimed Vivint Smart Home app makes home automation controls mobile. Its intuitive navigation makes it easy to manage lighting and climate controls, operate garage doors or door locks, monitor security cameras, interact with visitors at your doorstep, or arm security systems from anywhere.

vivint door lock | Vivint home security app

vivint home security app
vivint doorbell camera

Doorbell Camera

Never miss an important moment at your front door

Vivint Doorbell Camera lets you answer your door from anywhere, home or away. Smart motion detection notifies you when someone—instead of something—approaches. One swipe opens the app where you access two-way talk and one-way video to see and speak with visitors from anywhere.

Garage Door Control

Never forget to close the garage again

With garage door controls on Vivint Smart Home Cloud, you’ll get mobile notifications whenever you forget to close up. One swipe in the Vivint Smart Home app closes the door from wherever you are. Never let a hectic morning compromise your home security again.

vivint garage door controller

Vivint Garage Door Opener

Vivint.SmartHome™ Automation Package


49.99 per month
  • Vivint Sky Panel: $549.00
  • 1 x Motion Detector (no cost)
  • 2 x Door Sensors (no cost)
  • 0% APR financing for 42 or 60 months up to $4000*

Additional Equipment:

Glass Break Sensor, Smoke Detector, CO Sensor, Take-over Module (retro-fit products from another provider), Medical Pendant, Key Fob, Tilt Sensor, Flood Sensor, Signs, Smart Plugs, Firefighter

Vivint Flexpay

Flexible billing options with 0% APR on approved credit

With Vivint Flexpay, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and safety to pad your bank account.

Vivint Flexpay allows you to pay off up to $4,000 of security equipment over a period of 42 months or 60 months at 0% APR on approved credit. Or, purchase your security equipment upfront to enjoy a no-contract monthly fee for monitoring and automation services. Simply choose the Vivint monthly price that’s right for you, and start using your Vivint equipment right away.

Your choice

Purchase equipment upfront for no-contract billing

– OR –

Pay for equipment over 42 or 60 months at 0% APR on approved credit

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