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Vivint.SmartHome™ Security

Vivint Smart Home Package provides all the tools and support to safeguard the things that matter the most: your family, your home and your health. Choose Vivint and experience the greatest benefit of Top Rated 24×7 Home Security—Piece of Mind.

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Fast Response + 24/7/365 Vivint Monitoring

In any emergency situation every second matters: medical alerts, fire, suspicious activity, home intrusions, and others require fast response and action. The U.S. based Vivint Monitoring team is prepared to act. With an average response time of 10 seconds, your family is in good hands. Vivint monitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends, because there’s no such thing as a convenient emergency.

Dependable Home Security with Vivint

Your Vivint Smart Home Plan includes the Vivint Sky Control Panel ($549), one Motion Sensor (no cost), and two Door Sensors (no cost). Complete your smart home package by adding any combination of the following equipment:

–> Glass Break Sensor
–> Smoke Detector
–> CO Sensor

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Security Without Wires

Vivint is wireless. Vivint utilizes cellular technology which means installation does not require holes to be drilled into your walls. If you should decide to add more equipment to your smart home, it’s a breeze. It also means that your system doesn’t require a wi-fi connection to work properly. Additionally, the lack of wires makes it harder for anyone to disable your system. Vivint technology allows you to receive alerts via text and email. You can also view live and saved video from your cameras.

Vivint.SmartHome™ Packages


39.99 per month
  • Vivint Sky Panel: $549.00
  • 1 x Motion Detector (no cost)
  • 2 x Door Sensors (no cost)
  • 0% APR financing for 42 or 60 months up to $4000*

Additional Equipment:

Glass Break Sensor, Smoke Detector, CO Sensor, Take-over Module (retro-fit products from another provider), Medical Pendant, Key Fob, Tilt Sensor, Flood Sensor, Signs, Smart Plugs, Firefighter

Vivint Flexpay

Flexible billing options with 0% APR on approved credit

With Vivint Flexpay, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and safety to pad your bank account.

Vivint Flexpay allows you to pay off up to $4,000 of security equipment over a period of 42 months or 60 months at 0% APR on approved credit. Or, purchase your security equipment upfront to enjoy a no-contract monthly fee for monitoring and automation services. Simply choose the Vivint monthly price that’s right for you, and start using your Vivint equipment right away.

Your choice

Purchase equipment upfront for no-contract billing

– OR –

Pay for equipment over 42 or 60 months at 0% APR on approved credit

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